I have listened to the many complaints by residents here in the Moreton Bay area about the long wait at our Rubbish Dumps, and having to leave the facility after unloading only to wait at the end of the queue of cars to empty the rest of their rubbish. This is unacceptable and I will be asking the Mayor to find immediate ways of fixing this problem within the first year of the council being elected. I will also stand firm that for Moreton Bay residents that our Waste Facilities remain free for all residents now and into the future. I have listened to many other residents who would like to visit the waste facility but have no means of suitable transport to get there, that is why I will be fighting to introduce Kerbside Collection of rubbish to commence. This will reduce the amount of rubbish buildup at people’s homes which in turn may reduce the risk of fire, vermin as well as aiding in the beautification our suburbs and reducing the risk of illegal dumping of rubbish in our parks, forests and wetlands.