The Moreton Twenty Twenty Campaign is the "Common Sense Approach" to Division 2 and its future, into 2020 and beyond. The region is not well run, and that needs to be fixed with Common Sense solutions.The last four years have seen needless duplication of services in some areas, and failures in others. Moreton Region needs better, and Moreton Twenty Twenty, with Jason Snow at the forefront, it will soon have it.
Moreton Region is a fast growing and developing region, where the need for infrastructure growth needs to keep pace with the population growth. It is one of Australia's fastest growing urban regions with its population forecast to grow by over 40 percent by 2036. It is furthermore anticipated that by 2030 there will be 10,000 students on campus at Moreton Bay USC - Petrie. We sit on the forefront of great opportunity here and we are on the doorstep of Asia, with Tertiary Educational institutions near to completion. Moreton Region can become the student "capital" of Queensland. Study in the Moreton Region has never been so attractive, for overseas students at University of Southern Queensland campus at Petrie, with the airport so close, and affordable accommodation so close also.
This is unlike Bond University, where rents are at Gold Coast prices. Burpengary, Morayfield and Caboolture are directly connected to the Moreton campus by rail from Petrie. The region stands on great opportunity, but it needs vision and planning to achieve its potential. Only Jason Snow, and the Vision Twenty Twenty program, with a "Common Sense Approach" can make the region achieve its full opportunity.